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The 2020 U.S. Presidential election was historic — in the levels of voters turning out the polls and making their voices heard; in the election of Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris as the first woman, first Black, and first South Asian Vice President in our country’s history; and in the opportunity we have ahead of us to restore the U.S. as a leader on the world stage, including as a champion for the health, rights, and autonomy of people around the world.

For nearly four years, the Trump-Pence Administration has left no stone unturned in its effort to restrict sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice (SRHRJ) at home and abroad. From the unprecedented expansions of the global gag rule; to the annual defunding of the UN Population Fund (UNFPA, the UN’s sexual and reproductive health agency); to repeated efforts to strike these and other rights from global consensus documents and human rights reporting and to coalesce other governments in anti-rights declarations; it’s clear there is much damage to be undone. …


Seema Jalan

Executive Director, Universal Access Project — striving for a world where all people can realize their sexual and reproductive health and rights.

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