• Hani


    Every professional was first an amateur

  • Kathryn Thomsen

    Kathryn Thomsen

    Founder of Hundredgivers, nonprofit accelerating initiatives for sustainable communities, wellbeing and climate resilience. https://hundredgivers.org

  • Kimberly Parsley

    Kimberly Parsley

  • Chloe I. Cooney

    Chloe I. Cooney

    Advocate & writer. Focused on feminist movement building, global health and human rights. Parent 24/7. Views are my own. Twitter: @chloeicooney

  • Mr. David

    Mr. David


  • Grace Katee

    Grace Katee

  • The Gender Agency

    The Gender Agency

    Director of Global Advocacy, Data2x | Founder @thegenderagency | Fulbright Scholar Harvard @kennedy_school | #GenderEquality #GenderData #FeministForeignPolicy

  • MSI United States

    MSI United States

    We are part of a global organization working in 37 countries, unified by our unwavering commitment to help every woman have children by choice, not chance.

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